Moving Next Year? Talk to a Realtor Now!

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The holidays are busy.  Concerts. Office parties. Church events.  Charitable events.  Family gathering coordination. Travel. Shopping. Meal preparation. You're telling me I should add talking to a Realtor about making a move?  Now?  Absolutely.  Here's why...

Conversations Now Put Wheels in Motion for Your Next Home

Take 5 minutes & shoot an email, text, or FB message to your Realtor.  In that message, coordinate a quick 15-45 minute walk thru of your home & brief sit down.  Why?  As a relatively slower time in real estate, you place yourself on the front burner of knowledge about what's happening and what's about to happen in the marketplace.  If you're looking at an upgrade in size, this is a perfect time to mention your wish list.  Typically in SE Minnesota you'll find some amazing homes emerge on market beginning as early as the first few weeks in January.  Why that early?  Type A personalities are already working on their to-do list & perfecting their home for market RIGHT NOW.  Might as well, since they will be hosting holiday celebrations, right?  One of the things I've done for clients after this simple conversation is set them up on an ASAP property notification.  This means, whenever something meeting your wish list hits the market, you'll know about it right away.  Starting this now versus late January, or even early spring, insures you don't miss out on a dream house in between when you causally click thru real estate sites.  All the properties come right to you & then you're able to take action!

The Real Value of a Walk Thru Now

Recently, I had clients planning to sell an acreage.  They called me in December, realizing they didn't want to ultimately list until March.  This was invaluable for many reasons.  We collected a well test, visited about septic certification, researched information on a new bike trail near their property, & finished some key projects they knew would gain them the most money for their home.  The acreage sold for a great price in a matter of days.  Making calls now allows you to find reputable service & quality repair to alleviate issues, securing key dollars for you at closing.  Here's just a couple of examples of great home renovation projects that have recouped big dollars for clients as cited in the 2019 Cost vs Value report:

-Garage Door replacement 

-Manufactured stone veneer

-Minor kitchen remodel

-Deck addition

Of course, carpet & paint are big return on investments in any market.  Taking the time though to look at electrical work, compromised seals on windows, or replacing aging mechanicals/appliances can be huge as well.  Setting a course for action now puts you at the head of the line in contractor land for next year, which could make all the difference if the right home pops up.

What If I'm Not Ready?

 Who says you need to be?  The beauty of a conversation is not that you have your ducks in a row, it is that you are gaining information to become ready.  I always look at my role as a Realtor as giving you as much insight needed so that you can make an informed decision for you & those you care about.  Doors open in various ways-- some easily, others stick a little, still others you need to lean on a bit.  Taking a bit of time now puts credible people in your corner who can be your eyes and ears now, and in the days to come.  Look forward to hearing from you!