A Post Covid Market: Thoughts on Selling

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Real Estate

You're getting restless. We all are.  Stay at home orders are being lifted.  People are going outside, beyond the typical tethered boundaries they limited themselves to in the first few weeks.  We're all attempting to navigate a new normal.  What does that mean for you & your plans to move forward?  The projects are about done, the weather has allowed things to green up, and you are about as ready as you want to be.  So if I'm considering putting a FOR SALE sign in the yard, what should I be looking at in a world of new normals?

The 2nd Spring Is Real.

Any pretenses that we are in the housing crisis of the late 2000s should be summarily sanitized.  We entered this Corona chaos with a market that was by no means saturated.  Low rates, buyers in early to mid ranges still competing in multiple offer situations, and career changes still afoot still brought activity even as we learned "best practices" while Zooming away at properties.  Slowly as we come out of this self-induced hibernation, we realize that people are all about getting back to normal--even if it is a new one.  They've learned priorities before have shifted.  That's affected buying thoughts.  As a seller, realize that there is hope when temps rise above 75.  The traditional real estate rest between Memorial Day & Labor Day won't exist now.  What will occur is emerging competition with your home, the importance of correctly positioning the pricing of your property, and keying in on the reality that you better have all the projects in place for an adjusted selling window. 

Local Agents Matter More Than Ever.

Really?  Sure about that one Aaron?  Of course there's always the thought, "I can do this on my own."  One of my favorites is, "I have a friend in the business."  And then there's the classic, "It really doesn't matter as long as it's on MLS & someone gives me a deal."  You get what you pay for--and it shows on the net sheet.  The local agent of course knows the area, but also knows people.  They have their pulse on the community events, the conversations in current circles, and the ability to navigate waters that look smooth on the surface but have one significant undertow that can pull down your "solid deal" quicker than you can say inspection, appraisal, or verified employment.  Signs pop up with names and faces that live somewhere else, and it works for a while when things are rosy...until it doesn't.  Go with someone who brings it all to the table, not just dessert.

Don't Get Lost In The Zoo.

You're already thinking it..."Here's what I'm going to do once the smoke clears." I have seniors in both high school & college.  Each has missed out on significant life events.  A lot of people are considering how they are going to make up for lost time.  Grad ceremonies & parties.  Ballgames.  Office "reunions".   Other sellers have been sitting & waiting too.  The flurry of activity in real estate & life is going to place A LOT of pressure on people to return to groups, church events, and postponed plans.  Nerves will be frazzled in a different way not seen probably since post World Wars.  Your job as a seller is going to be to take the stress out of the decision for a buyer.  Not only are projects done, but any outstanding electrical items, roof concerns, plumbing issues, and normal tests (radon, water, septic) should be complete & one less thing for someone to worry about.  Your first impression will be big...buyers won't have or take the time w/ sluggish sellers looking to gouge on price, delayed in answering decision-pivoting info.  Use the time now to better position yourself.

Safety will still be prevalent for all of us.  Life will continue to change in ways we have not yet experienced.  More than ever, you need sound counsel to move you forward to better days!